SOAR Announces Number of New/Updated Features
June 26, 2015
Rochester, NY
SOAR, a premier provider of quality online services to Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops announced today a number of new and updates features for its hosted website services - myPack and myTroop.

SOAR announced availability of the following new features and updates.

  • Nested Menus - This will allow customers to create a hierarchy for their Main Menu on the SOAR website by grouping like pages together to make navigation easier for their members.
  • Roster Edit Settings - Seperate controls are now available to determine if members can edit their own Custom Fields, Medical Form Dates, and Medical Information.
  • Packmaster/Troopmaster Import - now includes an option for importing Medical Information transfer into the SOAR Roster feature.
  • New Cub Scout Program Updates.

About SOAR:

Scouting Online, Affordable & Reliable

SOAR is dedicated to providing scouting units such as Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops with quality, reliable, and affordable online services to help address common issues facing scouting units today - communication, organization, and shared leadership.

SOAR continues to provide its customers new and upgraded features for the same yearly cost.

SOAR myPack and myTroop are the only choice for scouting units serious about creating and maintaining a quality unit website for their members.

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