SOAR Announces Feature Upgrades
July 22, 2012
Rochester, NY
SOAR, a premier provider of quality online services to Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops announced today availability of a host of upgrades to existing features for its hosted website services - myPack and myTroop.

Since 2005 SOAR has helped scouting units increase communication with their members and organization amongst unit leaders. In reponse to customer feedback, we are always updating existing features to improve communication and organization.

SOAR today announced the following feature upgrades:

  • Calendar
    • New List View
    • Month/Year navigation
  • Announcements
    • Author display
  • Event Registration
      Numerous user interface updates
    • Registration Delete feature
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Support for HTML Anchors
  • Files/Attachments
    • File Size Reporting
  • Online Payments
    • PayPal Button sorting

About SOAR:

Scouting Online, Affordable & Reliable

SOAR is dedicated to providing scouting units such as Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops with quality, reliable, and affordable online services to help address common issues facing scouting units today - communication, organization, and shared leadership.

SOAR continues to provide its customers new and upgraded features for the same yearly cost.

SOAR myPack and myTroop are the only choice for scouting units serious about creating and maintaining a quality unit website for their members.

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