SOAR Announces Acquisition of ScoutData
March 2nd, 2009
Rochester, NY
SOAR announced the acquisition of ScoutData, a leading provider of Scout Management software and services to Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops.

In the last two years ScoutData has built a feature rich, free service for online scout management and has attracted a large base of loyal customers. In large part this is attributed to Phillip Zedalis, founder/owner of ScoutData, and his passion for both scouting and software development. He successfully fused these two passions together to create a service that is unique in the market.

"ScoutData's community grew as I grew with it and it was the most rewarding experience for the most deserving of customers. I will greatly miss the opportunities it gave me and will always treasure the experience" said Phillip Zedalis, ScoutData founder.

In the last six months Mr. Zedalis' personal and business life have taken him in a different direction from ScoutData though. Without his passion at the helm, the future development of ScoutData towards his vision would be in question.

SOAR has agreed to purchase ScoutData to help further Mr. Zedalis' original vision and to provide existing ScoutData customers with a transition path for uninterrupted website services for their scouting units. SOAR has been in business for over three years, is a profitable private company, and is the only vendor in the online scouting services market to have full time staff to support its customers.

"ScoutData has been instrumental in showing many Packs and Troops the benefits of using online services to help manage their units. I applaud Mr. Zedalis for his large contribution to the scouting community and welcome his customers to the SOAR family" said Michael Kabot, SOAR President.

A communication was sent to all ScoutData customers providing details of the transition plan, which includes the ability to transfer their website data from ScoutData to SOAR.

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