Event Signup
January 23rd, 2009
Rochester, NY
SOAR, a premier provider of quality online services to Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Girl Scout Troops announced today online Event Signup for its hosted website services - myPack, myTroop, and myGirlScout.

This new feature will help remove labor intensive paper processes currently in place with an online on-demand system accessible by all unit members and manageable by unit leaders.

The Event Signup feature is available in SOAR's Advanced package.

Event Signup

SOAR is pleased to provide an online self registration feature for unit events that is both simple to use and configure, while also providing units the ability to configure the process to meet their individual needs.

For any calendar event you can now enable Event Signup and configure settings such as signup type (Family or Individual), event cost, cutoff date, and maximum registrants. You can even vary the cost by the type of registrant - scout, adult, or other.

To make the feature even more useful, SOAR has linked Event Signup with the Online Payments feature. After a member registers for an event they can then pay for the event fees online - right then and there. No need to collect a check later.

Website administrators have the ability to manage registrations as well as record that individual payments have been received. A handy Attendee List is available for all to see who is currently registered for any event. When the event draws near - simply print out the Attendee List which includes individual member notes and payment records.

Throw away all those paper signup sheets and repetitive emails trying to get confirmation of attendance. Put the power and responsibility into your member's hands.

SOAR continues to provide its customers new and upgraded features for the same yearly cost.

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