SOAR and TroopMaster partner to integrate
scout management and unit websites
TroopMaster customers can now easily populate
a SOAR hosted website with member accounts and unit roster
July 13th, 2007
Rochester, NY and Palmyra, VA
SOAR and TroopMaster Software, Inc. today jointly announced a partnership to enable TroopMaster customers to import scout management data into SOAR hosted websites. Scouting units that use PackMaster software can now automatically create member accounts and create a web based unit roster in SOAR myPack hosted websites. They can also easily keep data between the two products synchronized as updates are made in PackMaster software.

Scouting units that use PackMaster software have spent considerable time making sure that their membership records are accurate and complete. The simple yet powerful integration with SOAR hosted websites make it easy for these Packs to capitalize on their investment. Customers now have the added advantage of being able to securely publish a web based unit roster for their members to use.

The integration consists of the following features:

  • Website Accounts . The member records from PackMaster can be used to setup member accounts in a SOAR hosted website. New members will then be automatically notified via email of their account information.
  • Unit Roster . Scout, Parent, and Leader records in PackMaster can be used to create a unit roster in a SOAR hosted website along with rank, Den assignment, and leadership positions. The roster is then viewable by members and secured from public access. Settings are also available to limit viewing of contact information such as address, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Synchronization . As updates are made to PackMaster, SOAR hosted websites can be easily synchronized to add/change/delete membership accounts and the unit roster. This provides Packs an easy process to modify their scout management data in a single place and have that same information flow to their unit website for member use.
SOAR and TroopMaster are pleased to provide this groundbreaking integration to our customers.

About SOAR:

SOAR is dedicated to providing scouting units such as Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Girl Scout Troops with quality, reliable, and affordable online services to help address common issues facing scouting units today - communication, organization, and shared leadership. SOAR myPack, myTroop, and myGirlScout are the only choice for scouting units serious about creating and maintaining a quality unit website for their members. For more information, visit

About TroopMaster Software, Inc:

TroopMaster is the flagship of scouting software that has been serving scouters since 1985. PackMaster and TroopMaster software is currently used by over 35,000 Packs and Troops worldwide. Looking forward, Troopmaster Software will continue to provide the highest quality scout tracking software available and to provide the same high level of service and support that we have become known for over the past 22 years. For more information, visit