Convert your Website from PacksOnline
May 21st, 2007
Rochester, NY
SOAR, a premier provider of quality online services to Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Girl Scout Troops announces the ability to transfer PacksOnline customer site contents to its myPack hosted website service.

SOAR recognizes that a number of Cub Scout Packs have spent considerable time over the years building their Pack websites using PacksOnline. These websites usually contain a significant amount of Pack history that is used for traning new Pack leaders. At the same time, these Cub Scout Packs would like access to the additional features and more reasonable cost offered by SOAR myPack.

SOAR now has the ability to extract the contents of an existing PacksOnline customer's website and import it into a SOAR myPack hosted website. This includes all future and past Events and Scrabooks.

SOAR offers this service free of charge with the purchase of any SOAR myPack hosted website. After signing up for an account, send an email to with your SOAR ID and your PacksOnline website. The SOAR Support Team will then populate your new myPack hosted website with the contents from your old website.

About SOAR:

Scouting Online, Affordable & Reliable

SOAR is dedicated to providing scouting units such as Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Girl Scout Troops with quality, reliable, and affordable online services to help address common issues facing scouting units today - communication, organization, and shared leadership. Visit SOAR on the web at

SOAR myPack, myTroop, and myGirlScout are the only choice for scouting units serious about creating and maintaining a quality unit website for their members.

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