New Photo Upload Tool and Additional Storage
March 5th, 2007
Rochester, NY
SOAR, a premier provider of quality online services to Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Girl Scout Troops announces an improved Photo Upload Tool and additional storage space for its hosted website services - myPack, myTroop, and myGirlScout.

SOAR continues to provide its customers new and upgraded features for the same yearly cost.

Today, SOAR announces availability of its new Java Photo Upload Tool. This completely redesigned tool provides customers with the folowing features.

  1. Java based - will work in all browsers.
  2. Select multiple files to at the same time. No more selecting a single file at a time !
  3. See thumbnails of the pictures while you select them.
  4. Upload progress "meter" to keep track of the upload process.
  5. Picture "reduction" is now done on your computer, before the upload. This results in smaller files for upload and faster uploads.
  6. The Last Modified Date of the picture is now used to sort pictures in a Photo Album. No need to worry anymore about what order you upload pictures in.
With the launch of this new tool, SOAR has also doubled the storage space on all accounts, free of charge ! Now you can upload even more pictures and files.


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