Features - Standard Package
Individual Accounts
The second membership option is called Individual Accounts and provides you with the ability to create a unique access account for each unit member. You can then assign the Member, Leader, and Admin roles to these accounts. Within this option you can elect to manually add members to your website or you can allow each member to independently sign up for an account via your website. With member sign-up you are provided the opportunity to approve all accounts before access is provided. You can also collect key information about the member during the sign-up process.
Rich Text Editor
Create advanced content with a rich text editor similar to Microsoft Word. Any unit member with access can now create postings and change the font size, color, alignment and even create tables of information.
Custom Pages
Add custom pages to your unit's website, each with its own menu item for easy access. The possibilities for this feature are endless.
Pack Roster
An easy way to keep track of contact information for all Pack members in a single online location. Once contact information is updated, it is immediately available to all other unit members. The Roster Feature also comes with SOAR's standard security so that information is only available to Pack members.
Den Filter
This feature is great for larger scouting units. As each Announcement and Calendar event is created you can select the "group" that it is associated with. The "group" can be a Den/Pack, the entire unit, leaders, or any other group you decide to create. Unit members can then select the groups they are associated with and presto - only that content is displayed to them. Content for other groups is not shown. This feature works with both Simple and Individual Membership options - the member's preferences are stored on their computer, not as part of their account.
PackMaster Import/Sync
The Standard and Advanced packages support import of data from PackMaster software and data syncronization through subsequent imports. If you use PackMaster, it will continue to be your primary place to make changes and the import process will easily keep your website up-to-date without needed to retype anything. The import/sync features include scouts, parents, leaders, contact information, den assignment, leadership positions, and achievement summary for each scout. PackMaster 2008 and newer is supported.