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Easy to Use
No need for technical skills such as HTML, CSS, PHP, or the myriad of other Internet technologies. myPack is a turnkey website - you don't need to worry about the technology. You fill out a few forms to create your website and ongoing management is as simple as point and click. You can even have your unit's leaders adding to the website in no time at all.
Built-in Security
Security of unit member's personal information and activities is a huge concern in today's world. Your new website is secured by user accounts from the moment it is created. Without a user account and password, guests can only see limited information necessary to promote your unit for recruitment purposes.
Standard Subdomain
Your new website comes standard with a fully qualified domain name for easy access in the form of http://city123.mypack.us/. It's easy to remember and simple to communicate to your members. Other services provide you a "web address" that is not a fully qualified domain name.
No Advertisements
Your website contains absolutely no Internet Advertising. As we all know, scouting organizations are not supposed to endorse any 3rd party commercial company in any way. A number of other services place online advertising on your unit's website to generate money every time someone visits your website.
Continued Development
SOAR is a unique company in that we are one of the only companies focusing on online services for scouting organizations that maintains a dedicated staff. What you see here is only the beginning. SOAR will develop additional features for your website over time and even offer you new services to help you communicate, organize, and manage your scouting unit.

Most other online offerings for scouting organizations have great intentions, but are worked on part time by a single individual and just can't bring you the level of features available from SOAR or the reliability and quality.
Optional Primary Domain
Do you have your own domain name for your unit such as http://www.cubpack123.com/ or http://www.troop9.com/. Do you want to purchase one?
Great ! All you need to do is purchase a domain name from any Internet Registrar and forward it to our servers. Presto, your primary domain works in addition to the standard subdomain - including email aliases and groups. This feature is included with every myPack package. Detailed instructions are provided in the online help once you order.
Automatic Backup
The dedicated servers used to host SOAR offerings are backed up on a weekly basis to protect your unit's website. While we cannot "undelete" content that you have deleted, we can ensure that your unit's website is safe from major catastrophes.