Features - Basic Package
One of the primary reasons that scouting units elect to create their own website is the unit's ability to demonstrate their "personality" vs. using a standard website template and looking like all the other scouting units. myPack has introduced the Theme feature to provide scouting units with the ability to personalize their website.

You will be able to select from a variety of pre-packaged themes that define the base look and feel of your unit's website. SOAR will be adding new themes frequently. Within each theme you will also be able to add your own pictures and change such things as the colors and fonts used in your website.
Keep you unit members up-to-date by posting announcements to your website instead of emailing everyone. Announcements are listed on the home page of your unit's website - the newest being shown first.
An automated calendar system that allows you to add Events and shows month, week, and detail views for easy printing. There is also a handy repeat event feature to make scheduling those regular Pack/Troop meetings easy. No longer do you have to manually edit the monthly calendar and redistribute it to all members.
Photo Albums
Easily upload and share photos from your unit events with all members. You can even organize photos into Photo Albums.
Upload important documents such as medical forms, committee meeting minutes, and permission slips to your unit's website. Your members can then have access to them anytime without contacting you.
Create a shared list of links to useful websites on the Internet.
Provide unit members with an easy method for added their own comments to Calendar Events, Photos, and Custom Pages. Comments are then viewable by other members. A great way to increase participation in your unit's website and store valuable information.
Attach documents directly to Announcements and Calendar Events for easy access. Great for such things as meeting agendas and directions for events.
Shared Accounts
Two types of membership options are provided for your use. The first is called Simple Membership and makes use of shared accounts - a single account is used by multiple unit members. Three access accounts are provided to you:
  1. Member - read only access with the abiliy to post comments
  2. Leader - Member access plus the ability to add/edit content
  3. Admin - Leader access plus the ability to configure the website
You can pass along the appropriate account/password to your members as you see fit.